"Time is precious, waste it wisely"...


The lake is just under two acres in size, having an average depth of 8ft, and with a sand bottom. There are four large swims/platforms, providing ample room to set up a bivvy and fishing equipment, accomodating a maximum of three anglers comfortably.  A small island sites two of the swims.  The island is beautifully sheltered by a covering of trees, but at the same time allows ample casting room.  The two other swims are located, one to the corner of the lake: and the other immediately outside the lodge, just a few steps away from the lodge veranda.  The lodge swim is partuicularly popular for those anglers who wish to be close to the lodge, or are limited in their walking.  All the swims are gravelled, facilitating the erection of a bivvy, without the mud!  Night fishing is permitted all year round.


The beautiful lake was dug approximately twenty five years ago, is stocked with Carp, and had not been fished for three years, prior to 2015.  The lake is fenced, and has lockable gates, a key of which is provided to guests.  Access through the gates leads to the neighbouring Coarse fishery.  Free secure parking is available here for guests who choose to fish the coarse fishery, seven days a week.  There is also a diner located at the coarse fishery, should you have the sudden urge for a Sunday morning tasty bacon butty!

Choose to rent the lodge with exclusive use of the lake, or to rent the lodge only, When booking the lodge with exclusive use of the lake, this means that  you have your own private lake, no sharing, fish wherever, and whenever you want; for the duration of your stay!  Fishing for two anglers is included when renting the lodge with the lake.  (Additional anglers are priced at  £35pp per 24hrs).  There is a private parking area, located immediately outside the lodge, reserved for our guests only.

*For anglers who have a preference to Coarse fishing, when renting the lodge and lake together, we include Coarse fishing for two anglers at the neighbouring Coarse fishery, on a day fishing basis.  This will be included in the price of your break/holiday for the duration of your stay.  Please advise us if you wish to fish at the neighbouring Coarse fishery, when booking.

*Please note that fishing is included at either the Carp lake or the Coarse fishery.

"Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it"......

Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.

Fishing bait is available to purchase from us, please see our page titled 'Fishing Bait'.

Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.

Being a fishing enthusiast, the Carp lake has been tailored to create a comfortable fishing environment, providing ample sized swims, with a good head of fish.  Having experienced many years within the fishing industry, help is at hand for any fishing hints, tips or advice that you may require, to make the most of your fishing experience.

Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.



Anglers fish at their own risk.  The owners do not accept liability for any injury to anglers/guests, or theft/damage to anglers' property.


We welcome responsible anglers, who possess respect, consideration and care towards the fish.   It is for this reason that we request that any alcohol consumption, is in moderation, when fishing.  No drugs.


Under 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.


A maximum of two fishing rods per person, per swim/peg, is permitted.


Fishing set-ups are from swim/peg only.  Stalking is permitted.


Rods must not be left unattended. Kindly be aware that the use of a sounder box inside the lodge or elsewhere, (other than on the platform), is not an option, to bypass this rule.


The use of rod pods is advised, as the swims/platforms are wooden.


Anglers must have a large unhooking mat, and use a 42" landing net


Carp medication is mandatory.


Barbless hooks only.


Only persons who have booked with us are allowed onto the premises.


No sacking of fish.


No dogs or pets permitted.


No swimming/wading or use of a boat.  No bait boats.


Please take away any litter you have accumulated at the end of your fishing session.


No BBQs or fires.


Novice anglers must be accompanied by an experienced angler.


With regard to the health of our fish, we do not allow the use of particle bait, or artificial bait.





The rules are in place as to ensure an enjoyable and safe fishing experience for all; whilst safe-guarding the welfare and health of the fish.  We wish that you thoroughly enjoy your fishing experience, but we will not accept any anti social behavior, drugs, or excessive use of alcohol.  Any person/s presenting such behavior will be asked to leave the premises, with no refund being made. 



We thank you for your kind co-operation.

*We regret that we are unable to accept groups of under 25s, and stag/hen parties. 

Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.


Fish stocking 2021, Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire.
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire_
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire_
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire_
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire_
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire_
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire_
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire_
Lakeview lodge, Leicestershire_


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Lakeview Lodge
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